10 years, 10 learnings.

Last year our CEO Helen Ahrens completed her milestone 10th year in marketing, digital and technology industries. Below are 10 of her snapshot insights, originally published on LinkedIn here.


Last year I completed my milestone tenth year in marketing, digital and technology industries. With this decade of experience comes many roles, adventures, travel, stories, and life learnings.

From my last decade in evolving from a Marketing & IT Assistant, to becoming the Founder & CEO of an international digital marketing agency and lecturing across several Australian Universities, here are ten of my snapshot insights:

  1. Do good work with good people, and good things will grow.

  2. Strategy first, action second. Strategy is the key to success in smart business and in marketing. Without strategy you become ‘busy’ without purpose.

  3. Evolve yourself through education; new skills, new platforms, new technologies, new geolocations. Push the boundaries of your comfort zone to enter your zone of brilliance. Read everything often, undertake courses and workshops, and seek new skills outside your field.

  4. Complacency is a huge risk. Diversify constantly and cut your teeth on new things coming out as often as you can.

  5. Failure is a learning process so have a crack at every opportunity. How do you know that something is rubbish or groundbreaking if you haven’t yet tried it?

  6. Creativity is a skill that constantly needs tending to, developing and stretching out. Work it or lose it!

  7. Data is power; find it, mine it, read it, use it, review it.

  8. Relationships are gold. Invest time in making quality connections, treat all people with respect regardless of their role or background, and always offer value before you do an ask.

  9. Seek advice and give mentorship. You can only action what you know so ask for more. Once you know it, then share it with others who are on the way up. Rinse and repeat.

  10. Think big. You shouldn’t be content with just being average; go big, go hard or go home. Take pride in your work and be confident. If you’re doing amazing things, don’t be afraid to share it and revel in the successes of others too.

In short, work hard (and smart), do your best work, be nice to people and you’ll always come out on top. With this in mind, I’m already looking forward to my next ten years of learning and developments.

Which one of these insights resonate with you and your career?