Personal Brand - Why your face matters on a public stage.

A key part of your personal brand is how it actually visually looks. In business, we rely on a strong logo, branding and any associated themes to represent who we are as a whole. When it comes to personal branding, a range of professional, high quality and suitable headshots is your crucial logo and branding for each stage of your digital touch points. Essentially, how your face is represented matters.

This week I updated my headshots to a new collection. For a combination of my personal brand and business, I was seeking a range of professional headshots that I could use throughout my business materials, across all of my digital touch points (such as LinkedIn but also a shot suitable for Instagram) and as supporting images for my increasing conference and public speaking engagements.

If you’re looking to improve your personal brand, consider what your outward facing imagery, branding and logo looks like. If you’re seeking to bring your high quality, professional and immaculately presented personal brand to match your visual imagery, I’d highly recommend you get in touch to discuss our headshot photography options.